Core Values

Humble and Ambitious

We are humble and our ambition is foremost for the organization. While we are driven to achieve greatness, our self awareness keeps us modest. Our Designed objectives shape our collective personal pursuits, and together we seek to be fulfilled as an organization, and not solely as individuals. As we strive to achieve career ambitions, create strong social connections and undergo personal development we also maintain a culture of discipline, calm determination and an unwavering resolve to share in what must be done to achieve the greater good.

Challenge is Great

We accept, seek and welcome challenges. In our effort to connect with and develop our innermost strengths, we believe it is necessary to listen to feedback, to test our boundaries, and to create space for contemplation. Our decisions are only complete when we have properly challenged the beliefs, processes, and information on which a decision is being based. Further, challenge is a fluid and ongoing mindset that helps us take on new perspectives and expand the corners of our biases.

Accountability in Action

Accountability in action is a deliberate commitment to taking initiative to start what needs to be started, to own tasks from start to finish, and to maintain motivation to see something through to the end. It also embodies our collective standard around collaboration – we seek to check in with one another, share in the pursuits of success and challenge, and hold each other accountable. It reflects the trust we share in one another to pursue goals in a certain dedicated, prompt, and professional manner that gives us confidence that we are all fully engaged in our roles.

Kitchen Table Metaphor

Investment discussions happen at a kitchen table. Great wealth advisors & brokers become members of the families they serve often being invited into their home, and sharing in their clients’ lives, right at the kitchen table. Throughout the years, the kitchen table has emerged as a metaphor for couples, families, friends, etc. to share experiences. It acts as a boardroom table and a place to collaborate and strategize. An understanding of this kitchen table metaphor is prevalent throughout the company.

Different Matters

We recognize the value in being different – as a business and as people. Differences reveal themselves in many ways and it is our mission to embrace the uniqueness of what’s around us and mix differences together into our unique recipe for success. What one person does not see, understand, or have experience with can be something that creates shared moments of learning, opportunity, and growth. We believe that embracing our company’s distinct feel translates into how we engage with each other and our partners. It provides excitement, fulfilment, and posterity for our future.